Fire of Eidolon box

Fire of Eidolon (Pre-Order)



  • Box Same size as a 16-bit Video Game box! Standard
  • RulebookSame size & style as a Video Game manual! Standard
  • 26 Chamber Tiles – 2.5″, now 1.5mm thick!
  • 12 DIE-CUT Hero Standees – 6 extra Heroes added! Now 2mm thick!
  • 12 Hero Cards – Full color giant cards, 6 extra Heroes added! Now 310gsm Ivorycore Stock!
  • 4 Difficulty Settings & 4 Scenario Cards – Full color front and back giant cards, 8 Difficulties total standard Now Ivorycore Stock!
  • 21 Card ‘Ritual’ Deck & 3 Event-Trigger cards – Full color poker-sized cards, now Ivorycore cardstock!
  • 25 DIE-CUT Tokens ‘Cultists’ – Full color, 3/4″ 2mm chipboard standard.
  • 7 DIE-CUT Tokens of Strength – Full color, 3/4″ 2mm chipboard standard. 
  • 7 DIE-CUT  Tokens of Dexterity – Full color, 3/4″ 2mm chipboard standard. 
  • 7 DIE-CUT Tokens of Strength – Full color, 3/4″ 2mm chipboard standard. 
  • 3 DIE-CUT Dark Relic Tokens – Full color double-sided, 1″ 2mm chipboard standard.
  • 3 DIE-CUT Vorax Tokens – For use with various scenarios
  • 1 DIE-CUT Fire of Eidolon Standee – 1.5 “Full color double-sided w/ standee, now 2mm chipboard.
  • 1 DIE-CUT Threat Level Tracker – Plastic card-clip standard.
  • Zip-Lock bags to sort everything just how you like! Standard.


Product Description

Fire of Eidolon is highly thematic and heavily inspired by the 16-bit era of Role Playing and Adventure video games of the 1990’s. It is visually stimulating and loaded with stylistic parody and in-jokes that fans of retro videogames will appreciate while still being accessible and wholly enjoyable by everyone all within a unique, original, and compelling game that stands entirely on its own. There’s nothing else out there quite like Fire of Eidolon!

  • Great Gameplay! – High praise from reviewers, gamers, convention-goers of all ages for Fire of Eidolon!
  • High Replayability! – Fire of Eidolon is never the same game twice! Procedurally generated Dungeons and unique Heroes make every game a brand new story!
  • High Accessibility! – Fire of Eidolon has an extremely gentle learning curve and is extremely easy to pick up and play! The game can be taught in about FIVE MINUTES!

Additional Information

Weight 1 lbs