Magic Meeple Games’ Crafting Rewards Program is, in short, our way of saying “Thank you!” to our supporters for helping us do what we love to do. Starting with Darkrock Ventures, all of our products will contain a Crafting Material (usually in the form of a card or small chipboard tile) with some basic information about the program as well as an identifying icon and name.

Proofs-of-purchase are fine and dandy on their own, but we think they could (and should) be more fun than that. So in addition to serving as your proof-of-purchase, these Crafting Material cards will become exchangeable at various points in time for special promotional goodies that won’t be made available elsewhere. Don’t lose them!

As more of our products see their retail release we will begin offering various promos in exchange for Crafting Materials at conventions, and eventually implement a mail-in redemption option.

We’re very excited to share what we have planned after these cards are in the wild, but for the time being be on the lookout for the following Crafting Materials (and the products in which they are included)

 NeutroniumCardSample           SolarCardSample








The fine print: Magic Meeple Games’ Crafting Rewards Program is a promotional exchange program. This program may be modified or cancelled at any time and/or without notice. Void where prohibited. Magic Meeple Games Crafting Material items (cards) may only be used once each and are forfeited at time of exchange. Crafting Material items have no cash value and may not be duplicated or resold.