Game Design Submission Form

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What kinds of Games are we interested in?

  • Games with innovative and unique mechanisms/aspects
  • Games with fun, interesting, and eye-catching themes
  • Games that take 60 minutes or less to play
  • Games that are quick and easy to set up
  • Games that are quick and easy to learn/teach but still have significant depth (meaningful decision making, high player interaction)

What kinds of Games do we really, really love?

  • Games that gamers and non-gamers could easily pick up, play, and enjoy.
  • Games that are so perfectly matched with components, mechanisms, and theme that you simply can’t help wanting to get your hands and eyes on them.
  • Small and Micro-games (would ship in a package that weighs 13 oz. or less)
  • Games that take around 20-30 minutes to play
  • Games that take around 10-15 minutes to teach
  • Games that take around 1-10 minutes to set-up/clean-up
  • Games that would fit in a (approx.) 7″x 5″ (or similar) box
  • Games with a “hook” or “core mechanism” that could be easily demonstrated in a few minutes at a convention or trade show
  • Games that have a blend of strategy and luck that don’t rely too much on either.
  • Games that would ship to customers easily in a USPS flat-rate package

What kinds of Games are we unable to accept at this time?

  • “Collectible” or “Trading Card” games that rely on a “Booster pack” and/or “Randomized pack” sales model
  • Games aimed specifically at children ages 12 and under
  • Games that require a licensed property (i.e. movies, cartoons, videogames) that neither you nor we currently have the rights to
  • Games that are derivative works of existing games/products
  • Games that might be described better as a “toy,” “puzzle,” or “novelty”
  • Games whose required components would result in a very large or very heavy package

What kinds of Games will we absolutely, positively, never ever agree to publish?

  • Nothing is impossible.
  • If you feel like your design is so unique, compelling, and amazing that we would potentially overlook the any of the above guidelines…let’s talk anyway!

Please fill out the form below if you’d like to submit a game for review. Please use the attachment form to include a “sell sheet” or a similarly simple visual/descriptive aid to help describe your game. Please do not attempt to send complete design files or rulebooks; if we are interested in your pitch, we will ask for those items to be delivered in another way. Please allow 1-2 weeks for a response.

The Game Submission form has been temporarily deactivated due to a full production schedule. Please use this page to contact us instead.